Solar and wind powered ‘Smart Station’ also harvests rainwater

Smart Station by Saeid Khajevand

Mountain bikers and trekkers have to turn their gadgets off due to the lack of electricity access in countryside, mountainous areas and off-city tourist places. Addressing the issue, designer Saeid Khajevand has come up with a multifunctional stop called the “Smart Station” that harnesses green energy to generate the required electricity to offer some essential services for adventurers, who love to explore untouched places in the countryside or high mountains.

Integrating photovoltaic (PV) panels vertical wind turbines to harness solar and wind energy respectively, the Smart Station also includes a rainwater harvesting system to collect and purify rain water to quench the thirst of the adventure sports lovers. Incorporating an auto bike rack to park the bikes of the trekkers, the utility station comes built in with a number of power outlets and electrical device charger to juice up the portable gadgets of the visitors, so they could capture the natural, magical moments or views and share them with their family and friends.

Integrating a number of benches, where travelers can have a breather and relax on benches while charging their mobile devices, the Smart Station also includes a touch sensitive panel to guide or navigate the vacationers, with a simple touch of finger, towards their destination. The Smart Station not only combines different elements in a single installation but it also helps in sustaining the environment.

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