Solar Pod – A renewable, independent power source with variety of usage

Solar Pod 7

As the solar power is a rage nowadays, Brad Sherman, the owner of the Costal Solar Power Company in Savannah, Georgia hires Anne Mason who collaborated with her classes at SCAD to develop a Solar Pod. Created with the intent to bring attention to the solar power, the Solar Pod is imagined with variety of usage ranging from disaster relief to various events as well as construction.

The project is completed after strenuous efforts of 10 weeks from the team members and was marked with rigorous research, sketching and ideation as well as sculptural and small installation panel types, which not only influenced the form considerably but also inspired the team to add long curves and slot in a meeting place. What comes out is this rocking chair like installation directly above which was given the go ahead. The installation consists of long curves and a mechanism that makes it useful tool to meet up the power requirements in any situation.

The final design comprises of two solar panels atop a bleacher inspired seating to create shading as well as to bring the people closer to the system. The canvas of this renewable, independent power source is stretched between the aluminum rods that provide opportunities for advertisement by sponsors. Plugging the power to the Solar Pod is ensured via back of the bleachers so cords are easily accessed by tents but they are out of the way of the event goers.

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