Minnesota-based company transforms landfill waste to eco friendly plastic lumber

landfill waste

The rise in consumption of products results in a rise in the amount of waste hence produced, and all that waste mostly adds on to landfills, which cannot handle infinite waste. While there are several research groups studying the possibility of producing landfill gas from biodegrading waste, such projects don’t reduce the amount of waste in any landfill. Now, a Rochester, Minnesota firm, Envirolastech, is trying to reduce the amount of landfill waste by turning it into “plastic lumber”, which the company says is a true replacement for wood.

The environmentally-friendly lumber is made using a proprietary formula developed by the company, which uses different mixtures of mineral ash, recycled resins and solid waste materials to create the unique material. The company claims that all its products are made using 100 percent recycled inorganic waste materials that are directly sourced from landfills and curbside pickups. Apart from that, the products hence produced by the company are also recyclable.

The plastic lumber is further embossed with wooden grains to make it look like real wood, but owning to its recycled credentials, the lumber is being claimed to be stronger than wood. Moreover, the product doesn’t absorb moisture and doesn’t promote the growth of mold. Earth 911 notes that the products can be painted and stained like wood, as well as cut, screwed, nailed and milled with standard carpentry tools.

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