The Tricycle to replace heavy mobility vehicles on urban roads

The Tricycle by Naco Architecture_01

Heavy transport automobiles, such as buses, electric trams and larger utility vehicles, not only cramp city roads and cause massive traffic issues but also produce higher carbon emissions to pollute the urban environment. Addressing the issue, the Naco architecture agency has come up with a delivery transporter called “the Tricycle” that reduces the use of fossil fuel to make the cities a better place to live in and work.

Featuring a modular design, the Tricycle is easy to ride, as riders can pedal it with the cargo both in the front and back according to their convenience. Users can easily swap the handlebars and seat in either direction for the ease of use, allowing the complete control of the tricycle to the rider. Apart from reducing the traffic jams on overcrowded city roads, the delivery tricycle also offers a clean and green means of transportation for urban users.

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