Nomad eco-friendly espresso machines needs no electricity

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While brewing a perfect cup of espresso is nothing less than an art, which only a few can master, there is no denying that espresso is just as good as the machine you’re using to make it. Conventional espresso machines require training and above all a large amount of electricity too to make the prefect cup of espresso. Solving all these problems UniTerra has come up with a revolutionary portable espresso machine, dubbed Nomad, which doesn’t require any electricity to operate.

Nomad portable espresso machine_2

Designed to make the highest quality espresso anywhere you have coffee and hot water, the Nomad is clean and green and doesn’t need electricity, batteries of high pressure gas cartridges. Moreover, there are no expensive wasteful coffee pods or capsules to be discarded.

Nomad portable espresso machine_3

Inspired by the design and functioning of the class hand operated lever machines, the Nomad is a much portable and easy to operate version of the same. The Nomad is the size of a 15cm cube and weighs about 1.1kg. With very little effort, the Nomad produces 9 bars of pressure and like the classic lever machines, users still have control over water temperature, pressure, flow rate and volume. Operating the machine is simple and it just needs the user to pack coffee grounds, add hot water and then actuate the pump lever. The creators of this revolutionary product are on KickStarter with an aim to raise about $100,000 to kick start production.

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