Bike Soles’ LIT Tires makes sure your bike commutes are safe even after dark

LIT Tires by Bike Soles_1

Though riding a bicycle to office during day time is a really great way to save fuel, reducing carbon footprint and staying healthy, many bicycle riders say that they feel a little unsafe in riding bicycles, especially after dark. As a solution, a Portland based company, Bike Soles, has designed a tire that lights up at night and increases visibility.

LIT Tires by Bike Soles_2

Dubbed the LIT Tires, for obvious reasons, the tires are designed with a wide reflective sidewall that allows cars approaching you from the front or the rear to see you at night. The company states that the tire will sell for about $35, which is far less than comparable tires without the additional reflective layer, if their crowd funding campaign on Crowd Supply is successful.

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