Sun & Cloud: World’s first self-powered digital camera takes on retro photography

Sun & Cloud self-powered digital camera_1

While there is no dearth of innovative digital cameras on the market featuring tens of megapixels sensors, there are still a few individuals who love those retro handheld cameras, which we so adored back in the 1980s. Superheadz Japan has come up with an innovative camera, dubbed the Sun & Cloud, which is they claim is the world’s first “self-generation” digital camera capable of shooting both videos and still images.

The camera, which is being billed as the company’s take on digital retro photography, comes with an onboard solar panel and a hand-crank that allows the user to charge the camera’s onboard battery any time of the day and during all climatic conditions. On the features side, the camera is equipped with 15 built-in filters go from lo-fi all the way up to the artist filters. All good things now start to come to an end as the camera features a pretty-basic 3MP lens and a high power LED light for the flash. Moreover, the $199 camera shoots images in 2048 x 1536 resolution and videos in just 640×480.

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