Sealeaf is a floating, solar-powered and modular garden for a globally warmed world

Sealeaf floating garden_1

With global warming resulting in increased sea levels, a group of designers are taking this as an opportunity to end food insecurity. While there doesn’t seem to be a direct relation between the two, as sea water can’t actually be used for farming, the designers are hoping to bring the two terms closer together with an innovative modular garden that floats across the sea.

Dubbed Sealeaf, the floating garden has been designed for growing crops off coastlines. Being modular in nature, units can easily be interconnected to grow more food. The unit, which basically is a floating dock with a greenhouse on top, would retail for about $50 a pop, and is linked with walkways to allow farmers to tend to their crop as needed. Moreover, the system also ensures that farmers don’t have to do much of a maintenance work as the system features a 1W solar panel for root aeration and comes with a rainwater harvesting system too.

Each Sealeaf module can grow six plants at a time, with seven harvests each year taking the total to 44lbs of food or $105 in crop revenue for the first year. Apart from being cost-effective, the system also helps in reducing food’s carbon footprint as food won’t need much transportation.

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