Pariss electric roadster to burn the asphalt green

Pariss 2013 prototype EV 1

What comes out to be a luxurious yet eco-friendly alternative to your routine gas-guzzling high performance roadster, the Pariss came to the light at 2013 Geneva Auto Show this month. Exerting fascination, elegance, sensation but without keeping the environmental concerns at bay, the design of the all electric prototype Pariss is a blend of elements freely borrowed from Infiniti, Lotus, Pontiac Solstice as well as from various future-tech films.

Power comes from two electric motors – placed on the front and rear axle – with a combined output of 100 kW which is transferred to the road through permanent all-wheel transmission to give it an all-wheel drive feel. The Pariss electric roadster does a sprint from 0-100km in less than five seconds with a range of 200km. Supporting electric car achieve this feat is a meager weight of 750 kg which owes much to the extensive use of lightweight material, such as carbon and aluminum, in its making. It takes merely five hours to juice up the batteries using a standard 220 volt outlet.

Measuring, 360 cm in length, 175 cm in width and having a wheelbase of 230cm, Pariss is an emission free luxury car. The body of the car, which is complete with targa roof, is of the composite build family. The interior is embellished with carbon fiber, Kevlar and some bits of leather and alcantara. Pariss is shown only in prototype version at the Geneva Auto Show with no word on its production version whatsoever.

Via: Gizmag / Pariss 

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