Beer, music, pedal thrust… what else does an eco soul need to party?

Pedal pub

BikeBus or for that matter, Velopresso human powered coffee cart appeared the best among the lot we saw until we come across this Pedal powered Pub. What appears to be the best alternative to get away from the overcrowded and noisy pubs, this pub on wheels gets propelled by human power. The pedal pub has enough space to accommodate as many as 17 people and features a central bar with beer tap.

Featuring high-grade steel chassis, the pub has five pedal seats at each side with an additional bench as well as two seats at the rear to provide seating for additional five people. Also, there are two seats each for a driver at front and for a bartender who serve the beer while standing on a lower interior deck that runs to the length of the pub.

Built in Netherlands to promote the local tavern, ten peddlers can take the Pedal Pub up to a speed of 5mph on flat surfaces while enjoying the cool breeze and beer on the go.  The ideal place of socialization for eco minded souls who love fun at the same time, the pub on wheels features a wine barrel that stores your preferred brew. The wine barrel is further connected to a tap and overflow tray at the bar with cup holders to ensure your beloved beverages don’t spill over.

Not only this, but the Pedal Pub is a complete eco friendly fun bonanza on the go. To add little more spice to your party on the go, the pedal pub is equipped with four speakers and MP3 player so that you don’t miss your favorite tracks.  If you are the one who is willing to take your home bar to an entirely new level, the Pedal Pub is up for grabs at Hammacher Schlemmer for a cool USD 40,000.

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