KTM E-Speed electric scooter concept is another styling exercise for urban mobility

KTM E-Speed electric scooter concept  6

With the intent to have a bigger electric market pie, KTM revealed E-Speed electric scooter at the 2013 Tokyo Motorcycle show. KTM’s second electric model following the Freeride E dirtbike, E-Speed shares the same electric battery and motor technology but it’s refurbished to be used in urban areas.

Featuring angular design and hybrid trellis light metal frame, E-Speed concept scooter weighs 140 kg and is propelled by a liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous electric motor that produces a total of 15 hp and 36 Nm of maximum torque. The power is transferred to the rear wheel through a belt drive.

Such a powertrain enables the E-Speed electric scooter to get a top speed of around 85 km/h and a range of 65 km per charge. The electric motor gets vital juice from lithium ion batteries with a capacity of 4.36 kWh. Battery pack takes merely two hours to charge fully from a 220V socket.

What comes out to be just another styling exercise for the urban mobility, KTM E-Speed suits the best to short distance travels in the areas that are highly sensitive from environment point of view. The other noticeable features include star war styling, 14 inch alloy wheels and regenerative braking that charge batteries on the go.

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