Vintage Edison: Innovative lighting fixtures made using recycled wine bottles

Jim Ligon Vintage Edison lighting fixtures

A Kansas City resident, Jim Ligon, who grew up learning two things from his family including electrical work and bartending, wanted to merge his job as a bartender at JJ’s restaurant with his passion of electrical work and hence came up with Vintage Edison. Vintage Edison is the name of the range of lighting fixtures that Jim makes using empty wine and spirit bottles and boxes from JJ’s.

After becoming a bartender at JJ’s in 2008, Jim felt really upset the way “really cool” bottles of wine and other spirits were simply thrown away. Since most of these bottles were hand-blown, Jim sought an opportunity to use his electrical work experience to create something unique and hence the Vintage Edison range was born.

Jim’s first design was born using two Patrón bottles and an empty whiskey crate. After posting the images of the unique lighting fixture on Facebook, Jim’s friends encouraged him to carry on with the work and create more designs. Accepting the challenge, Jim tried different colors, sizes and boxes, until the Cellar Rat Wine Merchants took notice and asked him to set up a presentation in the Crossroads shop during a weekend event. The event was successful and now Jim has several residential and retail clients for his unique artwork which cost above $150.

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