Apple’s data centers now run entirely on clean renewable energy

Apple solar power plant_1

Apple has often been criticized by environmental group Greenpeace International for not making use of clean renewable energy and ranked it 12th out of the 14 large technology companies in a report called “How Clean Is Your Cloud”. The environmental group, which also held protests outside the manufacturer’s facilities, charged the company on relying on electricity that is produced in emission-intensive coal-fired power plants.

Aiming to get rid of the un-green image, the Cupertino giant has now announced that all of the company’s data centers and many of its offices, including the headquarters, are now powered entirely by renewable energy that is produced from a wide range of clean sources including solar and wind power. The progress also betters the company’s overall renewable energy use to 75 percent, up from just 35 percent three years ago.

Apple has also stated that it now aims to eventually get rid of conventional electricity entirely and will only use renewable energy in the near future. Though, no timeline has been given for when the green goal will be achieved, the company has definitely escalated efforts and has been investing heavily in clean energy.

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