AA ewind is a four-wheeled electric car with a difference

AA ewind concept electric car_1

With the ever increasing cost of fossil fuels and the concerns about air pollution looming large, auto makers and designers have taken up the challenge to come with affordable, and above all, compact electric vehicles that are easy to ride and easy to park. Working on the same lines and recognizing what tourists want on their next vacation, designers Alex Casabo and Cesar Z have come up with the AA ewind.

While on the first glance, this pretty zero-emission vehicle looks like a three-wheeled car with a compact rear side for easy parking, closer inspection reveals that the pair of rear wheels is much closer to each other and hence offers better traction when riding on high speeds or making a fast turn. The personal mobility concept car, which the designers aimed at high-class hotels, is powered by an electric motor in each of the front wheels.

The vehicle can make the occupants enjoy the city in an ecological, silent and easy way. The small size of the vehicle makes it easy to park anywhere and its large glass area allows the passengers to enjoy the views of the city. There is no work on the expected range and charging time, but owing to its use, even a 60 mile range would be enough.

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