Bloom phytoplankton farm filters salty water into fresh water and soaks up carbon dioxide

Bloom Floating Phytoplankton Farm

With limiting space on earth due to fast growing population, scientist and researchers are exploring new possibilities where we can live and work to sustain our lives. Addressing the issue, Paris-based Sitbon Architectes has come up with a futuristic semi-submersible farm called the “Bloom” where inhabitants can grow phytoplankton-microscopic marine organisms which helps in eliminating carbon dioxide from the environment, other than providing shelter to the people.

Finalist of the Architizer A+Awards competition, in the “Architecture+Weather” category, the Bloom farm also examines rising sea levels, transforms salty water into fresh water for drinking and irrigation purpose and warns against tsunami and such other catastrophic conditions.

Designed to counter the problems of global warming and rising sea levels, the floating spherical structure features huge phytoplankton aquariums, which will help in controlling the amount of oxygen in places which are severely affected due to global warming. For it makes use of photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and discharge oxygen to sustain life.

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