Limbo self powered robot utilizes bacteria as a power source

Limbo self powered robot

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Casabella has come up with a cleaning robot concept called the “Limbo” that makes use of Microbial Electrolysis, a process that utilizes bacteria as a power source, to power itself. Designed by Elliot Cohen, the cleaning robot harnesses energy from the bacteria bred in the waste that it gathers from your kitchen and other parts of home.

Displayed at the International Housewares Show 2013, Chicago, the self powered robot is completely sustainable as it utilizes power obtained from the stuff it consumes while roaming around the house. Moving on the honeycomb flex wheels to climb up and down stairs with ease, the Limbo robot concept offers a safe and sustainable device to clean your place. Moreover, the honeycomb structure easily collapses and flexes to guide the robot over obstacles with minimum fuss.

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