Prototype electric scooter is powered by a ridable solar panel

solar powered electric scooter_2

There has been a lot of debate about the viability of mass produced solar-powered vehicles and while a viable solar powered electric car isn’t yet available, Solar Electric Scooters Inc, a Los Angeles-based company has come up with an innovative solar powered scooter that essentially is a solar panel that you can ride.

solar powered electric scooter_1

As the images above suggest, the solar panel is both the scooter’s rider’s platform and also its energy supply. The solar powered scooter can be parked in the sun and every six minutes of solar charging will allow you to ride it for a minute. The charging time can be significantly reduced to half by the charging its 36V lithium-ion battery with an 110V wall socket.

solar powered electric scooter_3

The e-scooter has a range of 20 miles per charge and can run at a top speed of 15mph, negating the need for insurance, registration and even a license. Measuring 13 inches by 32 inches, the riding platform of the scooter is much smaller than a conventional rooftop solar panel, but much larger than the riding platform on similar scooters. The developers state that the solar glass can withstand the weight of a 300-pound rider and comes laminated to make sure that the panel generates electricity even if it is scratched.

solar powered electric scooter_4

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