Want a bamboo bicycle? Bamboo Bee could deliver one soon

Bamboo Bicycle by Bamboo Bee_1

The use of bamboo in anything brings a smile on the face of most environmentalists and same is the case when a bicycle is made by not using steel but bamboo. We’ve see a couple of concept bicycles that aim to make your biking greener with a bamboo frame, but not many manufacturers have tried to come up with a bamboo bicycle that consumers can actually purchase. Sunny Chuah is one such individual who was inspired to create a bamboo bicycle that is suitable for mass production and has come up with a company Bamboo Bee, which aims to bring bamboo bikes to consumers.

Bamboo Bicycle by Bamboo Bee_2

Apart from adding to the green credentials of bicycles, bamboo is also considered a better material than traditional materials with which bicycles are manufactured. Bamboo is sustainable produced and is also claimed to have a natural dampening effect. Moreover, it is also relatively strong and lightweight too.

Bamboo Bicycle by Bamboo Bee_3

Bamboo Bee has developed two models – the Revolution and the Sunny, both of which include a range of variants and additional options, depending on the price. The Sunny weighs 9.5kg, while the basic version of the Revolution comes in at 10.5kg. Each of the bikes is handmade and treated with honey-infused anti-crack and double-walled technology that ensures durability. The company is currently on KickStarter trying to raise $40,000 to aid production and is now allowing backers to pledge a minimum of $600 for the Revolution model and up to $2300 for an electric-assist variant of Sunny.

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