Mo Ventus by FIXd Architecture is a transformable, zero energy house for the future

Mo Ventus self-powered house of the future_1

With changing environmental conditions, architecture too will have to go through a major transformation to sustain humanity in a world where energy doesn’t come cheap. Working on the same lines architects from FIXd Architecture have come up with Mo Ventus – a conceptual luxury house with transformable shape and zero energy credentials that can be built anywhere in the world.

Mo Ventus self-powered house of the future_2

The self-sustaining house addresses four needs that include a transformable shape, renewable energy generation, openness to the surround environment and an additional home-office space for the not-so-faint-hearted. The facades and delicate glass elements of the house can be opened or closed according to the current climatic conditions.

Mo Ventus self-powered house of the future_3

Moreover, the house employs a one-of-its-kind concave shape forming a wind tunnel that is capable of harnessing up to five times the wind’s natural speed and hence increases the amount of wind energy generated. Coupled with a photovoltaic array and on-site hydrogen fuel cells, the dwelling generates all the energy it needs and hence can be built anywhere in the world.

Mo Ventus self-powered house of the future_4

The environmentally friendly home lets you connect with nature and blends into the natural surroundings by offering homeowners 180-degrees views of the natural landscape surrounding them. The one-of-its-kind green home also includes a home-office space, which is a cantilevered space that is separated from the main housing area. Designboom reports that being modular in nature, the design allows for a wide range of programs and additions to accommodate a family of any size.

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