CYCL8P concept ATV is for eco-conscious adventurers


There is no dearth of individuals who love to spend their weekend while exploring the wilderness, for which they mostly make use of all-terrain vehicles that allow them to reach hard-to-reach places. Most all-terrain vehicles come with fuel-hungry engines, which emit toxic fumes while allowing you to battle the uneven terrain, something which environmentalists don’t want. As a solution, auto designer Juan Gill has come up with CYCL8P Eco ATV – an environmentally-friendly all terrain vehicle, designed to be powered by a zero emission engine.

Based on sustainability, the concept vehicle is for the present world that demands greener design. The zero-level emissions vehicles is powered by an electric engine and also makes use of fuel cells, providing as much as eight hours of battery life. The vehicle is also equipped with an energy recovery mechanism and an intelligent driving system that ensures less power consumption and more driving range.

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