Terra Motors unveils all-electric auto rickshaw for emerging Asian markets

Terra Motors electric auto rickshaw_1

While in the western world not many people are aware of tuk-tuks or auto rickshaws, they are a pretty common sight in several Southeast Asian countries such as India. These humble auto rickshaws, which can be rented at a cost much less than a taxi, are mostly powered by two-stroke gasoline engines, which are highly polluting. As a solution while several governments, including the Government of Delhi in India, have switched over to CNG to reduce emissions, Japan’s Terra Motors hopes to change all that with the launch of its all-electric auto rickshaw.

The company will manufacture the electric vehicles in the Philippines and the government here is already planning to introduce some 100,000 similar vehicles by 2016. The electric trike is about 10 feet long and 4.5 feet wide and has enough room for five passengers with seats facing each other behind the driver.

Terra Motors electric auto rickshaw_2

A two-hour charge on the electric vehicle will deliver enough energy to its onboard Li-ion battery pack for 50km of range at a top speed of 50kph. Gizmag notes that the company plans to sell its EV Tricycle Taxi later this year for around $6300.

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