Denmark harvests 25% of its total energy from wind, to double it by 2020

renewable energy

Denmark fulfilling its fair part of energy requirements with wind power has been widely known as a vital renewable energy producer. Taking its rich legacy of green energy to the next level, the Scandinavian sovereign state has put up a new 3.6 megawatt offshore wind turbine to exceed the one gigawatt wind energy porch and fulfill 25 percent of its total energy needs only by tapping the wind power.

The North European nation’s pursuit to become a leader in green energy doesn’t stop here only. For the government of Denmark is aiming to move ahead with an ambitious wind energy plan that if accomplished will help the nation to fulfill its half of the energy requirement by tapping the offshore wind, and that too within a short span of eight years. Furthermore, Denmark is aiming to accomplish its entire energy needs by renewable energy by 2050.

To become a major sustainable energy producer, the Danish government will not only have to develop the renewable energy infrastructure, but also have to adopt energy efficient policies and technologies to meet the big dream.

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