Vietnam Pavilion combines old cultural values with sustainable architecture


Pavilion of dream terraces

Developed for Milano’s 2015 Expo, the Vietnam Pavilion by H&P Architects draws inspiration from the rice cultivation, which is an integral part of the wet rice civilization of Vietnam, on the terraces field. Amalgamating the agricultural values with modern architecture to construct a sustainably functioning space, the Vietnam Pavilion by the Chicago-based architectural firm makes use of steel structural frames, with a number of modules up to 7.5 m in length, attached by simple joins or overlapping.

Wrapping the structural frames with salvaged wood to cut the construction expenditure, the basic structure of the pavilion is designed to achieve multiple functions. Apart from providing wide spaces for exhibitions and planting, the pavilion also features open entry or exit areas, while water and electricity supply include technical specifications. Creating a micro-climate with the field covering the building, the Vietnam Pavilion also grows food for both inhabitants and the outer world.


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