BKR – Eco frame bike to change the face of bicycle industry

BKR – Ecoframe bicycle

Bikes or bicycles are possibly the most safe and sustainable mode of transportation, if you minus the metal waste they produce after being disposed. In an attempt to make bicycles completely eco friendly, designer Pietro Russomanno has come up with a fully sustainable bicycle called the “BKR” that incorporates an eco frame made using wood to present physical and natural proprieties of sustainability, malleability and elasticity.

Featuring the frame finished in plywood, with an unusual mirrored arrangement, the sustainable bike sandwiches two parts with screws, drowned in static rubber gaskets, to reduce vibrations while absorbing shocks. Including an original adjustment system, “Easy Saddle,” to adjust the height of the seat very quickly and easily, the eco frame bike offers a comfortable ride with just a push of button.

Integrating a dynamo on the front wheel, specially designed to provide energy and send speed/distance trip information directly to a Smartphone docked on the handlebars, the BKR bike brings the sophisticated “color and trim” scheme of the car industry to the bicycle industry. Designed to be produced in multiple combinations of wood grains and tints, the sustainable bike by the Italian designer is sure to change the face of bicycle industry.

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