BIQ House in Hamburg is the world’s first algae-powered building

BIQ House

Taking modern, sustainable architecture to the next level, International design firm Arup has come up with an algae-powered building called the “BIQ House” in Hamburg that integrates a bio-adaptive algae facade to provide internal shading. Claimed to be the world’s first algae-powered building, the BIQ House will become a testing hub for self-sufficient living buildings and sustainable energy generation in urbanities.

Developed in collaboration with Germany-based SSC Strategic Science Consultants and Austria’s Splitterwerk Architects, the living buildings is designed to make the most of the bright sunlight and supports the bio-reactor facades to cultivate algae more rapidly. For, bio-reactors apart from generating biomass, also incarcerate solar thermal heat to power a structure. Launched as a part of Hamburg’s International Building Exhibition, the algae-powered building is expected to function in full swing during the opening ceremony, which is scheduled at the end of this month.

BIQ House_01

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