How to grow plants in Personalised Pint Glasses with seeds and compost

How to grow plants in a personalized Pint Glass

The mathematical system used pint as a unit of volume until the dawn of the nineteenth century until the metric system invaded European culture and replaced the pint. Nonetheless, it still depicts its medieval glory in the form of wine glasses. A pint glass is usually the popular container for serving beer throughout the world. And it does not stop at that. From personalised gifts to flower pots, the curvaceous glasses are increasingly finding a place in shelves not only at home, but in restaurants, bars and pubs. They are currently available in many shapes including inverted conical and its variation conic. There are also mug-shaped glasses with handles called jug glasses and the modernised taller tulip glasses. Today, with the development in technology, you can also find personalised pint glasses.

How To Personalise Pint Glasses

Personalised Pint Glasses are really perfect gifts and they can do wonders, especially if you customise them for your loved ones. Pint glasses available these days cater to the needs thanks to its building material which is flexible silicone, rendering it a unique non-breakable property. Adding the icing on the cake, they can be frozen as well, a perfect container for filling it up with chilled beer for the party.

Putting personal messages or pictures that depict a particular occasion, or your happiness are most the popular customisable options. Monogram engraving is available, albeit putting up the initials only instead of full name or sentences might be easier on the pocket. For those willing to spend a few extra pounds, an image can be engraved into the glass using a diamond point cutter. Be it a portrait or a landscape image, or any other photo, the pictures will adorn the glass that is sure to impress the person you are gifting it to.

Engraved Pint Glasses are available in multiple translucent colors and smart textures, blending the vintage charm to contemporary glitz. The personalised glasses serve as wonderful mementos and you can raise the notch higher up by gifting a gift set, which will allow you to grow seedlings inside the glass. Creative! Isn’t it?

Flowers like lavender, marigolds or basil can be grown in a personalised pint glass and will pop up in months with minimal care. Best of all, this type of gift requires very little investment and effort. But most importantly, it is a heartwarming and personal gift idea.

What will you need for this gift set?

Personalised pint glass (1 unit)
Packet of seeds (1 unit)
Bag of compost (1 unit)
Bowl (1 unit)
Large spoon (1 unit)
How To Grow Plants in Personalised Pint Glasses (Step-By-Step)

Step 1: Empty the bag of compost in the bowl and mix well using the spoon.

Step 2: Fill the engraved pint glass up to three quarters of the maximum level by transferring from the bowl.

Step 3: Push down the top of the soil slightly to level the surface nicely.

Step 4: Empty the bag of seeds on top layer of the compost.

Step 5: Cover the seeds with one final layer of the compost again.

Step 6: Pour little bit of water on the surface.

Step 7: Keep the glass in a room of 15-20 degree Celsius room temperature.

Step 8: Wait for a week or two until the seedlings appear.

Step 8: When the plant is large enough after few months, transfer the plant in a large flower pot.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not purchase a personalised pint glass with seeds and compost for your loved ones today?

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