re:char to help farmers enhance production while sustaining environment

Biochar farming technique

In the recent past, we have witnessed some changes in climate that are not only affecting farmers but also the masses all over the world. Addressing the issue, a small company dubbed the” re:char” has developed an indigenous technology that will not only help small farmers grow more food but also help in dealing with some grave real word tribulations. The new high-tech practice makes use of biochar, a carbon-negative soil amendment made using an extreme heating practice called the “pyrolysis,” to grow up to 144% more food.

The new, high-tech process apart from increasing the food production drastically also helps in sustaining the environment, as its annual carbon emission is equivalent to only two US automobiles. Claimed to be one of the most advanced agricultural technologies on Earth, the biochar can get hold of nutrients and water better than plain soil to ensure increased food production.

Using a kiln to transform waste and plant materials into biochar or fertilizer to enhance the fertility of the soil, the new farming method boosts the productivity by a huge margin while sustaining the environment, thanks to carbon negative properties. With this advanced farming technique, farmers can grow better crops to help feed more people in under developed and developing nations worldwide.

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