Bio-Cleaner 2 to remove harmful bacteria from lakes, rivers and oceans

Bio-Cleaner 2_02

Wrecked ships and boats cause massive water pollution in oceans and lakes, threatening marine life to the extent of extinction. Addressing the issue, a bunch of designers, including Hsu Hsiang-Han, Wen Tzu-I, Wang Jhih-Jie and Luo Yih-Wenn, has come up with a sustainable system called the “Bio-Cleaner 2” that promises to clean the harmful bacteria, produced by heavy metals, from lakes, rivers and oceans. Integrating LEDs and GPS, the creative system can easily be deployed and retrieved from the ocean floor or deep waters.

Designed to unite the practice of Shewanella oneidensis (a metal collapsing bacteria) and Robot Snake, the innovative system can reduce the water pollution, due to heavy metals, to a great extent. Capable of producing electricity with bacteria, the Robot Snake uses the method of breaking down to crumble the heavy metals from water.  Featuring multi-module design, the Bio-Cleaner 2 can adjust the length as well as the bacteria tank according to the pollution level of the water.

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