Chaac Ha water collector converts dew into drinking water

Chaac Ha Water Collector

Scarcity of drinking water is one of the major issues in underdeveloped and developing nations, especially in Asia and Africa. Addressing the issue, a bunch of students from the Yucatan region of Southern Mexico has come up with a portable water accumulator dubbed the “Chaac Ha” that can gather both dew and rain for drinking purpose. Designed to provide regular, clean water to rural Mexican communities, the award-winning water collector is capable of gathering 2.5 liters of water from dew alone in one night.

Drawing its name from the Mayan god of rain, the Chaac Ha takes its form a spider web. Presenting a collapsible design for easy portability, the water collector makes use of natural processes which helps in sustaining the environment.

Chaac Ha Water Collector_01

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