Plug2Know shows the energy consumption your appliances consume


People usually don’t know how much energy their electrical appliances are going to consume, until they have electricity bills in their hand at the end of every month. Addressing the issue, Cymbrio has come up with an amped-up home energy cost awareness device called the “Plug2Know” that can show you the energy that all your plugged appliances or gadgets, such as iron, refrigerator, washing machine or food processor, consume.

The energy cost awareness device will not only help you check your current usage on daily basis, but it will also encourage the production and sale of products that consume less energy and are environmentally friendly. Featuring a number of LEDs on the top, the Plug2Know gives regular feedback on energy consumption of your electronic devices. Including a chart, the creative device provides you specific, personalized information about your projected energy use to check your energy consumption.

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