eChaja, portable solar powered cellphone charge for third world countries

eChaja - solar powered mobile charger_03

With a boom in cellphone industry all over the world, mobile phones have virtually reached every nook and corner, even in developing and underdeveloped countries, and become an integral part of modern life. Unfortunately, there still are places in underdeveloped African and Asian countries that don’t have regular access to electricity to illuminate their places, not to talk about charging electrical devices and appliances. Providing a solution, here is a solar powered cellphone charger called the “eChaja” that charges your mobile handsets without the need of electricity.

Designed and manufactured by Africans for Africa, the eco friendly mobile phone charger features a steel construction and six cigarette lighter trailing sockets that accept a standard cigarette lighter cellphone charger (not included) to juice up mobile phones in far off areas. Developed for commercial use, the eChaja can be installed easily and without wasting any time, offering an instant and regular source of income for local residents.  The sustainable charger comes with a timer for ease of control.

Presenting a portable design that wraps up in a shoulder (included) bag for easy storage and transportation, the eChaja can be installed in market places, stalls or kiosks, where users can access it easily and charge their mobile phones. Of course, they will have to pay a small amount for charging their mobile handsets.

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