Siva Cycle Atom charges your phone through pedal-powered battery pack


Let’s be fair and square – don’t you think things have literally transmogrified for better for users who had to struggle with charging their devices through bicycle-powered generators? Well although we have seen quite a number of efficiently designed bike-mounted products that help users charge their phone using pedal power, the latest addition to the league vows to differ. Aimed at exploring new possibilities for users who seek on-the-go charging solution, the new Siva Cycle Atom is quite a bit more compact and efficient than most pedal-powered generators in today’s existence.

The new device, however, focuses more on its versatility of usage by being operational in two different ways – directly charging a mobile device or charging the detachable 1300 mAh battery and then connecting another device to that later. But irrespective of what mode of usage you settle upon, the energy-efficient Siva Cycle Atom will be charging the USB devices at the same speed as a smartphone would through a computer using its USB 2.0.

Integrated with an impressive 500mA charging rate, the pedal-powered battery pack also boasts of its mighty power to bring an iPhone 5 from dead up to 70 percent – which, indeed, sounds quite a deal. In fact, the battery backup is specifically designed to output a high quality, USB compatible 5V at up to 500mA. The lightweight solution, however, catches extra attention for being extremely portable as cyclists will seamlessly be enabled to carry Siva Cycle Atom and attach it to their bike without having to change the balance of the bike.

Weighing pretty light at 10.58 ounces, the bike-mounted device further simplifies a lot of things for users by charging the battery connected to Siva Cycle like any other battery backup. Although Siva Cycle hopes to crowd fund $85,000 to release the device in November, supporters will have to accumulate at least $85 to get their hands on the latest generator. Well, let’s just hang onto the hats for now!

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