Los Angeles to close out Coal Usage by 2025


The divergence and conflict between cost and the environment has unremittingly been soaring high. While most countries are endeavouring to sustain an ecological balance through non-polluting resources and ‘green’ approaches, Los Angeles has thought of a different medium to accomplish an environmental balance. In a major step toward its struggle to generate power with no compromise on the environment sustainability, the country has now decided to end its use of coal energy by the year 2025.

According to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles will abolish its reliance on coal usage within 12 years and endeavour to convert it to renewable energy. Although LA is yet to commence the work to make the conversion, it hopes to transform the coal-powered plant to enable use of solar power, natural gas and wind – which eventually be utilized to generate the electricity and power needed for the city.

The country recently had its far-reaching plan approved by the Los Angeles City Council and will now focus on amending its agreement with the Intermountain Power Project in Utah to transform the coal-powered plant into a renewable source of energy. However, formal announcements are yet to pave the way from the official sources.

But, for now, the country which has mostly been dependent on coal usage and coal-fired power plants is looking forward to inducing more flexibility in coal conversion and developing enhanced energy efficiency. Hopefully, the use of other renewable sources and new amendments to the agreement will eventually help Los Angeles achieve greater efficiency at lower cost and with greater carbon reduction – if not sooner, then at least by 2025!

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