Nasa-Inspired Filter can turn Coca Cola into Water


Ok, this might sound too good to be true – particularly to those who would love to reap the benefits of fresh water by drinking coca cola. Sounds so not usual, doesn’t it? Well, to actually catch unawares, OKO has recently developed a highly unique yet advanced filtration system which grabs attention for amazingly turning coca cola into water. Like really?

Although many would find it hard to believe, the new filtration water bottle basically benefits from Nasa technology and embeds the mighty calibre to turn coca cola into crystal clear, colorless liquid. Designed with unprecedented precision, the advanced system draws on technology originally developed by Nasa and transforms the soft drink into clear water (yes off course, for the drinking purpose).

However, to talk about the raw ingredients, the filter system has been created using a plastic water bottle and a bottle of coke – while the water bottle gobbled down coke as the experiment progressed. Although OKO has not really shared any detailed mechanism of its water container, the avant-garde solution literally sweeps many off the feet for its amazing capability.

The filtration system, nonetheless, benefits from some advanced technology to turn coca cola into pure, clean water (though, we aren’t really sure if you would like to sip it up). Well, having said that, let’s see how far this cola-water conversion goes!


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