Ultra-light, Multi-functional Toyota ME.WE debuts in Paris


Conceptualizing cars that signify aesthetic beauty yet reveal a heart for ‘green’ features couldn’t look any better than Toyota’s latest creation. Well, amidst the limelight that’s being hogged by China, Toyota has finally caught the right attention with its latest ultra-light ME.WE Concept Car – that beautifully strips the automobile down to its basic core.

Designed intriguingly to reframe consumer expectations, the electric vehicle expresses its warm concern for personal well-being (ME) and for others (WE). Unlike most cars that focus majorly on accelerated performance, the multi-functional concept car takes great care of its performance as well as of its attempt to ensure environmental sustainability.

Developed with the help of Jean-Marie Massaud (a renowned French designer), the ultra-light Toyota ME.WE maintains an amazing blend of high performance, efficient technologies, eco-friendly features, and a deep sense of style. However, the company has designed it to be a simpler conceptualization of the automobile – which ascertains utmost efficacy and no-extras package.

The model, unveiled recently in Paris, comes integrated with the same in-wheel motor system as Toyota’s i-ROAD concept and renders four-wheel-drive capabilities. However, in terms of its chassis, the vehicle comes enclosed in a tabular aluminum structure and recyclable polypropylene body panels – which certainly looks a part of Toyota’s commitment to maintaining an environmentally healthy yet consumer-friendly experience.

The car, weighing 750 kg, further offers a ‘cabriolet-like’ feel to the driver. Although it takes on the form of a convertible, the model does not really take off the roof but the integrated bench can certainly be removed to be used as standalone. Nonetheless, some other features that catch our attention for being eco-friendly include its low-energy air pump and low energy consumption.

Well, as far as the availability and pricing details go, Toyota is yet to give an official word on its latest ME.WE Concept Car.


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