Scotland opens first ‘Solar Meadow’ to decrease carbon emissions

Scotland’s first ever solar meadow opens

Irrespective of what we speak about – the endeavors put forth by today’s avant garde automobiles or the ‘light’ features that are encouraged by today’s high-end gadgets, the exigency of ‘go green’ is rightly reflected by both of them. In a similar objective to ensure environmental sustainability, Scotland has now officially opened its first ‘Solar Meadow’ to decrease carbon emissions by 300,000 kg per year.

Conceptualized and installed by SSE Energy Solutions, the five-acre solar meadow amazingly integrates more than 2,500 solar panels and hopes to provide the next generation of engineers with essential skills and better efficiency. The solar meadow, which consumed nearly £1.2m to get properly structured, will basically help Edinburgh College save tens of thousands of pounds on its energy bills.

Since Edinburgh College in Dalkeith feels a heavy dearth of electricity, the new Solar Meadow site hopes to render sufficient electricity for the entire campus with not so much to splurge in. However, the site which embeds more than 2,500 solar panels will act as an outdoor classroom for engineering students and will have its environmental conditions and panels’ performance well monitored under the observation.

While the solar meadow looks highly promising as part of solar power technologies, it will enable engineering students to become less dependent on fossil fuel energy. On a larger front, the Solar Meadow is anticipated to bring numerous benefits to the college, its students and the entire capital. Well, the project certainly hopes to strengthen renewable energy resources in Scotland for a better future and for a greener environment.


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