Garden Shelter-Eco Bar is very unique


When an aesthetically designed structure gets amalgamated with irrigational facilities, all you get is a unique Garden Shelter-Eco Bar which focuses largely on maintaining green environment without consuming too much of any space. Designed creatively to portray a blend of nature and usability, the garden shelter strives at transforming the way people interact with their gardens.

The intriguing yet highly purposive Garden Shelter-Eco Bar is basically a structure configured by an open lattice system that could be used for the back yard at home. While there are some garden sheds that focus mainly on downsizing their structural dimensions, the Eco Bar focuses more on versatility and lets users customize the shelter according to their needs.

Enclosed quite compact in the overall size of 120” W x 120” L x 120” H, the system comes integrated with several elements and enables users to seamlessly tailor their shed as per their individualistic needs. However, the system grabs attention for embedding neatly sliced cabinets, modular shelving, transparent panels and planters.

There are solar panels as well that render enough power for all or some elements of the house. The beautifully conceptualized garden shelter further allow the rainwater to be collected using gutters and stockpiled in tanks – which eventually could be used to irrigate the plants with automated hoses. But overall, the Garden Shelter-Eco Bar looks certainly promising to help keep the environment truly greener in a better way.


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