AC e-bike combines Smartphone Connectivity and Electric Motor Power


Things have just gotten better – especially for users who were rifling through the power of an electric motor in the form of an aesthetic vehicle with some added features. Alex Casabo, a renowned Spanish designer, has just conceptualized a unique electric bicycle dubbed ‘AC e-bike’ which includes connectivity as well as electric power for an enriched experience. Designed with high performance and trendy elements in mind, the bicycle sports a sleek and lightweight profile of a fixed-gear bicycle.

However, the designer has ensured the bike renders utmost efficacy and supreme performance with true ease. While the designing of AC e-bike also reveals an aggressive look, it can seamlessly be used for off-road riding as part of its extended versatility. But, what makes this bicycle stand truly distinguished from others on the market is – AC e-bike’s embedded smartphone connectivity and electric motor power.

Pretty interestingly, the electric bicycle merges elements of BMX and fixie styles with an efficient motor driven by a battery. By taking advantage of which, the bike will be delivering an autonomy of up to 50km at 40km/h. What’s more, the good-looking e-bike features LED lights both front and rear and offers users the freedom to customize their bike with a lot of colors and materials.

Making the creation even more fetching is the embedded connectivity power – which will enable users to facilely connect their smartphone to provide data about battery, autonomy and GPS locator. Well although it’s yet to be confirmed if AC e-bike will ever hit the reality, the bike is likely to remain as an interesting concept for now!


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