Sno-Trax enables Backcountry Transportation for skiers and snowboarders


Skiers and snowboarders who thought it’s almost impossible to have backcountry transportation may finally simmer down for a good reason that’s come their way. Well, a creative designer has just carved out ‘Sno-Trax’ – a small scale computer driven vehicle which aims at transporting skiers and snowboarders in backcountry locations.

Designed with unprecedented precision and flexibility, the vehicle embeds completely transformable interiors that enable injured skiers to be loaded inside for quick transport back to the resorts. Since Sno-Trax has been conceptualized to move four people including one guide, the computer operated controlled alpine vehicle shows great possibilities for ski resorts as well as for skiing conditions in areas surrounding the resort.

Integrated with autonomous technology including GPS, cameras and laser radar, the compact vehicle will also make it simpler to operate the chassis without the use of a driver. While Google is currently striving at developing this autonomous technology, Sno-Trax hopes to transmogrify the way vehicles could be operated minus any driver.

However, the interior space of the vehicle gets equally good points for ensuring supreme comfort and good sociability. Since the vehicle features four-people design, skiers or snowboarders can comfortably sit facing one another as opposed to forward. The computer driven Sno-Trax also integrates a foldable spine-board stretcher behind the rear seat – which can further be used during an emergency or when needed.

The vehicle provides good equipment storage as well to enrich the whole backcountry transportation. While the availability details are yet to be disclosed, the new vehicle for skiers and snowboarders undoubtedly looks impressive for transporting injured skiers or snowboarders back to the resorts. Indeed, a great attempt!


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