How to make bathrooms green

eco friendly bathroom

There was a time when being green meant you were some kind of live in a field hippy, not something that the everyday home owner got themselves involved in. Then it started to become increasingly apparent that our world was suffering because of our actions on a global scale. Nowadays we are all aware and recycle our rubbish, install solar panels, buy natural or organic products when we can or just try to conserve what we one day may not have. This article only concentrates on making small changes to your bathroom to make it more green – and no I don’t mean giving it a lick of meadow tint pastel.

Reduce water consumption

The amount of water we use in our bathrooms is quite staggering, if you consider that one person may spray themselves with 15 to 30 gallons of water in their shower for a few minutes. Now multiply that by a family of four, including someone who stays under the stream luxuriating for fifteen minutes and you begin to see what I mean. Bearing in mind that everyone may do it all over again in the evening, anything that can reduce this flow such as modern controllable shower heads, filters or half flush toilets seems eminently sensible.

Even smaller walk in baths, designed for people with handicaps, can  be just as enjoyable, as you sit in half the amount of water, but it still comes up to your shoulders. Consider things like Premier Care’s “Simple Lift” system and economy easy access showers for anyone with physical difficulties.

Heat water efficiently

What about the old style electric boilers even with thermostats keeping a constant supply of hot water ready they often remained unused for long periods of time, reheating for no reason at regular intervals? Someone who has given it consideration may be able to adjust the settings economically, but most people don’t. New energy conscious systems provide instant hot water and can dramatically cut your electricity bills down to size. Initial costs may be high but think of the long term benefits to your bank account.

Use radiators economically

For some reason the bathroom is always the most naturally cold room in the house, radiators and heated towel rails consume electricity and need to be regulated to provide a cosy environment at specific times according to needs. It may even be worth looking into under floor heating or investing in insulation for the room to help retain heat. You need to make sure there is plenty of ventilation to prevent the onset of mould, mildew or damp but this doesn’t have to mean opening a window. Look at bathroom venting systems which keep the room airy without letting cold air in when you don’t want it.

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