Street Seats for Design Museum Boston re-imagines the Public Bench


While most generally stay swamped with designing advanced yet eco-friendly gadgets, a team of ingenious designers has gone a mile extra in ensuring environmental sustainability – but in a truly unique way. Well, an intriguing collaboration between Rion Philbin and Stevie Meder has now conceptualized ‘Street Seats’ – a competition entry for Design Museum Boston.

Designed for a nonprofit museum which endeavors to educate the globe about the significance of design in our lives, the environmental concept has been tailored specifically for sustainability and for Boston’s Fort Point Channel. The creative work, however, features a concrete bench embedded with piezoelectric buttons – whereby human interaction with the buttons will compress the piezoelectric technology.

Developed using innovative construction methods and eco-friendly materials, Street Seats basically creates energy each time someone takes a seat. While the integrated piezoelectric pad charges the organic radical battery and helps create a current, the uniquely conceptualized public bench anticipates to enhance the livability of the places and to sustain the environmental concern.

In terms of its meticulous designing, the concept incorporates an efficient battery paper which stores energy to power LEDs within the bench – whereby the LED lights would illuminate the bench in the dark. Although it’s quite uncertain when exactly this public bench will connect with nature and people in real, the unique Street Seats by Rion Philbin and Stevie Meder however is surely a talk of great public seating that focuses on environmental sustainability and creative designing.


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