Coolest concept electric bikes for clean travel in the future


Well, gone are the days when bicycles were merely about pedaling and vilipending the distances to reach nearby places. Today, they are more about style, greater convenience and seamless traveling through the cumbersome challenges of traffic – and yes, we are very much including the avant garde electric bikes in our extolling form here! While bicycles are usually spotted with a ‘green’ heart for our surroundings, they unremittingly have transmogrified from good to better!

Whether you sing the praises for neatly embedded electric motors, touchscreen displays or highly functional gear systems, concept electric bikes are certainly covering ground and opening up throttle to garner your right attention. And yes, there are other reasons too that should sweep you off your feet!

We have listed below some really amazing electric bikes for you – that will not just impress you enough, but will also ensure clean travel in the future. Take a look!

1: BlackBerry City Bike


Designed intriguingly as an exclusive brand advertisement for inner city community, BlackBerry City Bike gets almost everything right as one of the coolest electric bicycles. The stylish yet comfortable bike renders a top speed of 15mph while seamlessly sustaining its conventional pedal mechanism. There is an efficient battery fuel cell as well – which hides neatly inside a glass casing to enhance the appeal. You can, in fact, simply flip its switch and operate it as a fully electric bicycle to get going!

2: Yin-Yang Electric Folding Bicycle


Talk about the coolest electric bikes concept and you couldn’t slip on the uber trendy Yin-Yang Electric Folding Bicycle. Well, the folding bike boasts of a unique chainless drive mechanism and smooth pedals which function as a range-extending mechanism to help charge the onboard battery while you pedal. But, what stands as the most striking feature is the bike’s ability to integrate with the user’s mobile device. The vehicle, in fact, also delivers you valuable data and ascertains to use the app to authorize your ride. However, the removable lithium batteries grab an extra point for adding some convenience – while you can very much appreciate its electric control unit at the same time.

3: AC e-bike

AC-e-bike (1)

For those who want the best of both worlds (seamless connectivity as well as electric power), AC e-bike marks as a perfect pick. Designed creativity for clean travel in the future, the eco-friendly bike offers you great performance through electric power and smartphone connectivity. Featuring a slim and lightweight chassis, the concept bike lets you connect your smartphone to experience autonomy, GPS locator and other exciting features. To talk about the former, AC e-bike delivers autonomy of up to 50km at 40km/h.

4: nCycle


Another cool concept electric bike that looks promising for the digital age and great for the future is nCycle. Designed for people who don’t want any conventional tabular frame, the lightweight bike catches attention for its super lightweight; hallow shell and trendy components that impressively hide the electric drive systems of the bicycle. The sleek electric bike, however, gets its ‘power to be folded in just two seconds’ has the lightweight – yes, we like it too! But, we won’t praise its integrated locking system any lesser.

5: Neo Volt


Last but not the least, Neo Volt bicycle undoubtedly makes it to our list for being extremely promising and concerned for the environment at the same time. The 20” green way to travel brings you spectacular ease of folding and high versatility for a complete enriched experience. While it is designed to fit easily to changes and requirements, its 250W motor and ability to run for 90km without any pedaling rightly makes it – one of the coolest and greenest electric bikes for the future!

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