USA opens First Solar Carport ‘Energy-Parking’ Charging Station

First Municipality-owned Solar Powered EV Charging Station in the USA

As part of an endeavor to harmonize with the dreams of a greener tomorrow, economies have unremittingly been pegging away at devising eco-friendly solutions – right from devices that integrate an eco-friendly heart to solar power stations that ensure massive efficiency for a larger community. This time, it’s the town of Lansing that celebrated the Earth Day with the installation of the first municipality-owned solar powered EV charging station in the U.S.

Developed by renewz sustainable solutions with EV chargers by Eaton, the solar charging station has been placed by the town of Lansing, Mich and supplied by the Italian company Giulio Barbieri. The project, however, aims at strengthening the market of renewable solutions and at generating sufficient clean and renewable energy to recharge the fleet of the Lansing Board of Water & Light.

While the efficiently conceptualized EV charging station focuses majorly on a greener tomorrow, it has been designed to trim down the greenhouse gas emissions of Lansing by more than 115 tons. At the same time, the 5 kW project intends to enable more than 482.800 km clean driving – which certainly sounds a great endeavor to ascertain environmental sustainability.

Enclosed in a sturdy modular aluminum structure, the promising carport system also hopes to eliminate the supply chain of carbon footprint to promote a healthier, more eco-friendly environment. The first solar carport, featuring a unique ballasted design, is 100 percent waterproof and fully snow, wind and seismic code complaint.

Well, the initiative to Lansing area was recently launched on the occasion of Earth Day but it rightly aims at demonstrating how municipalities can effectively power green fleets sustainably. A great job, we must say!

First Municipality-owned Solar Powered EV Charging Station in the USA

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