Air Drop Concept filters the air using living plants


Oh yes, we’ve seen quite a number of aesthetically designed planters that beautify the surroundings in nothing else but a greener way. But, we have not really seen anything that sanitizes the air while being firmly seated in an intriguing looking chassis. Well, the new Air Drop Concept by Jillian Tackaberry precisely represents such an amazing amalgamation of air filtration and pretty looks.

Designed uniquely with elegance stretched all across the delicate structure, Air Drop is basically a beautiful hanging pendant that benefits from its integrated air-filtering properties to help flush out impurities from the air in your home. The concept, however, has been developed for the Electrolux Design Lab competition – igniting the possibility of coming real in the future (someday).

But, what would catch many unawares is the unique ability of Air Drop that helps clean the air using the purifying ‘power of plants’.  Integrated with a highly efficient built-in system, the concept strives at promoting the air-filtering properties and cleansing the air using living plants. However, the filtration process takes place in two meticulous ways – whereby the foremost throws out the larger particles of the air that can come from candles or pet dander.

Featuring an efficient fan driven air flow system, the new concept by Jillian Tackaberry also embeds the ability to seamlessly disassemble for cleaning the fan areas where dust particles may accumulate. The second filtration level, on the other hand, proceeds by using air plants ‘Tillandsia’ – which basically can survive on very little water and (in fact) without soil.

Since air plants can more effectively filter the air than those typical plants that grow using soil, the concept hopes to literally transform the way the air could be cleaned. Although it may be a bit too early to comment if it will strike its chord in real, the Air Drop Concept certainly looks highly promising! Way to go.


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