Four-block Concept ‘The Tree of Life’ chosen for World Expo 2015, Milan


It isn’t unusual when innovative thinkers generally stay swamped with designing unique concept for wider future possibilities and advanced mechanism. While we have caught quite a lot of glimpses of interesting concepts, the one by Nemesi & Partners Srl, Proger SpA and BMS Progetti Srl thoroughly stands distinguished. As part of eco-friendly projects, the team led by Nemesi & Partners Srl, Proger SpA and BMS Progetti Srl has now designed a unique Four-block ‘The Tree of Life’ Concept – which is already chosen for an international competition for the design of the Padiglione Italia at Expo 2015.

The four-block concept, which has been entitled ‘The Tree of Life’, is actually an energy-independent four-block community hub that integrates an expansive open courtyard space. Although the team of Nemesi & Partners Srl, Proger SpA and BMS Progetti Srl is yet to divulge further details on the project, the massive energy-independent concept is chosen for the World Expo 2015 which will be held in Milan.

To provide an insight of the four-block community hub, The Tree of Life comprises a huge 12,000 square meter main pavilion and smaller institutional and exhibition spaces laid across the 325-meter-lonh Cardo. Since the focus of the project remains on utmost energy independency, the building will (as per the structure) be segregated into four blocks connected by bridges to ensure seamless circulation.

However for now, The Tree of Life has been selected for Padiglione Italia at Expo 2015 in Milan – following on from the widely renowned Shanghai Expo in 2010.


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