Green Energy Options introduces Chorus PV Monitoring Device


No matter hard we gainsay but lamping or observing the consumption of electricity in everyday use is something that most of us tend to overlook. Although there’s a slew of energy tracking systems that help get an eyeful of which appliance consumes electricity at its largest, complete efficacy and precision are certain attributes that most of them would lack. Hence, to help users deal with that, Green Energy Options has just unveiled its latest Chorus PV monitoring device which will enable homeowners with PV panels to see both generation and consumption levels of electricity. Great, isn’t it?

Well, the new solar monitoring solution hopes to change a lot of things for better – beginning with allowing PV system owners to see both generation levels and electricity use on one display. Designed to be highly portable, the compact device functions by communicating wirelessly with the generation as well as with the consumption meter using a current lamp and LED readers.

However, the efficient yet stylish looking Chorus PV will work with the Company’s online portal ‘energy note’ which will assemble the entire system performance data and display it in an easy-to-read format. In fact, the same information will also be made available online on smartphones and laptops. Well, while the device endeavors to help consumers become more efficient with how they consume their generated electricity, it will also ensure enhanced generation and consumption of electricity through their existing solar array.

Enclosed in a sturdy chassis, the Chorus PV system will (however) be suitable for use in retrofit and new installations. As far as the availability goes, the new Green Energy Options Chorus PV Monitoring Device is anticipated to be made accessible really soon. However, the device and energy note online service is presently on sale on Amazon and through the company’s official distribution network.

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