The good, the bad and the ugly about nuclear power

nuclear power

Nuclear energy is probably the world’s largest source of energy that is emission-free. But, there still are various pros and cons that experts have suggested for this form of energy. Those who are advocates of nuclear energy or are against its usage are equally curious to know about these facts in order to make an informed decision about nuclear energy use.

The Good

If we look at the good part of utilizing nuclear energy, the uranium costs do not fluctuate as frequently as oil and coal costs. Thus, comparative to fossil fuels, you would find nuclear as a more stable option. It is a reliable source as nuclear power plants usually go uninterrupted for a very long time and you get a proper energy supply. There are no greenhouse gas emissions that happen due to nuclear energy. Thus, it is an environment friendly, green energy source. Also, a small amount of fuel can produce abundant amounts of nuclear energy. This is quite an economically beneficial source of energy.

The Bad

Along with these benefits, there is also a bad side of nuclear energy that is associated with the disposal of nuclear waste. Due to being radioactive, the nuclear waste is difficult to be disposed off. It has to be done in a way that does not harm the environment. Another con of nuclear power plants is that their decommissioning is expensive and time-consuming. In addition, heavy metals and other pollutants can get released in the environment when nuclear fission chambers are cooled off by water. It can damage the nearby ecosystems. If a reactor is shutdown for some reasons, it also occupies land space.

The Ugly

The worst part that can go wrong with a nuclear power plant is its installation or maintenance. If that I not done in a proper manner, major accidents can happen. There have been such nuclear accidents in the past where huge amounts of harmful nuclear radiation got released and killed thousands of people. The leakage of radiation can even go catastrophic if these become the target of terrorists! Radiation leakage could cause long-term diseases among people and can even lead to death. Nuclear radiation can cause genetic defects among future generations too! These are the reasons some experts get away from supporting the use of nuclear power.

The bottom line

Thus, with all the benefits that nuclear energy derives, there are also severe disadvantages that come along. Probably, there would be more safety and control measures required while dealing with such a dangerous form of energy. There are pros and cons with any type of energy, but when the danger is higher, the precautions should be increased. If there are proper checks and constant maintenance of nuclear power plants, better safety can be ensured. Ways should be found out to dispose of the nuclear waste in a better manner. The solution is not to stop the use of nuclear energy, but to find out measures to reduce its side effects.


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