Concept electric cars that can make a ‘green’ difference

BMW i8 Concept

There is a variety in concept electric cars that have been unveiled over a short time period. These are saving the environment in various ways and claim to make a green difference. Let us see some of these recently launched electric cars that would maintain a cleaner and greener environment.

Renault’s Twin’Z concept electric car

Twin'Z Concept Electric Car

Ranault describes its Twin’Z to be playful in nature while being a small city car. There is a scattering of design details inspired by nature. This concept car is quite compact with wheels designed to provide good stability to the car. There is a minimalistic interior design, and instead of a normal dashboard, a tablet computer controls its systems. There is also a place to dock your smartphone while the car offering you a feeling of being quite spacious. Twin’Z is a lightweight car that can reach a top speed of 80 miles an hour.

Vauxhall’s Two-seater E-car concept

Vauxhall’s Two-seater E-car concept

A future concept car by Vauxhall, RAK e is a lightweight electric vehicle. This is a radical, two-seater concept of an electric car. The car is a good catch for a young audience that is tech-savvy and environment-conscious. This concept car has a range of about 60 miles and can reach a top speed of 75 miles per hour. It has a highly affordable design and low cost of running. The concept has the capability to reach zero-emission level.

Volar-e electric vehicle racer

Volar-e electric vehicle racer

It is designed by Applus IDIADA to be a high-performance electric vehicle. Volar-e has four electric motors that are all controlled independently to make the vehicle super-powerful. The vehicle has a regenerative braking system. Within 3.4 seconds, the racer can accelerate up to 62 miles an hour, while it claims to achieve a top speed of 186 miles per hour. According to the European Commission, Volar-e has been designed to promote electric vehicles and is potentially sound for the European markets. Thus, it claims to be a significant reference point as far as the green electric vehicles are concerned.

Valmet’s Dawn EV concept car

Dawn EV concept car

This marvelous concept car boasts of an inbuilt electric charging system that is wireless. There is an innovative integration of solutions to offer great electric mobility, while displaying a drive train, control unit, battery pack, and different charging options. The best thing with Dawn EV is that you would not have to use an electric cord to power-up your vehicle.

BMW i8 concept sports car

BMW i8 Concept

This is a high-efficiency and high-energy sports car. The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car offers a significant saving on fuel costs. It is based on the plug-in hybrid concept that is quite innovative and includes a modified electric drive system. There is a three-cylinder combustion engine that is highly powerful to run a sports car, while it uses fuel as a small car does. It runs on eDrive technology using a lithium-ion battery. In less than five seconds, the vehicle can be accelerated to go from 0 to 100 km/h.


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