Most interesting human powered electricity generators

Empower – The Energy-Generating Rocking Chair

Human power can be put to great uses and it can even save on the electrical energy that you utilize for running several household appliances. Are you thinking how would it get possible? Well, there are various types of power generating devices that can be built to run on human muscle power and body energy. Some such devices include chargers, generators, and similar gadgets that supply the converted electrical energy from human power to run the appliances. There are a few of these interesting devices that have been developed for generating small amounts of electricity to be used in emergency situations. Check out what kind of devices have been developed to work on human power.

Human-Powered Emergency Phone Charger: The King of Random, a creative DIYer, has come out with a charger that runs on human energy and uses only some household items and a cordless drill to get created. The idea is based on the fact that an electric motor turned in the reverse direction causes the generation of electric current. This charger is manually turned in the opposite direction to produce about 5V of direct current, enough to charge a Smartphone.

Electricity Generator Powered by Urine: Some people who even believe in utilizing human waste have come out with the idea of a functional generator that generates electricity from urine. Based on the idea of four African teenagers, this generator gets functional by first extracting hydrogen gas from urine and then purifying this hydrogen. For removing moisture, the purified hydrogen is passed through liquid borax and then used for power generation. A liter of urine can generate around six hours of electricity.

Pedal-A-Watt Stationary Bicycle Generator: If you love working out and helping the environment, you can do both these simultaneously with the help of this Pedal-A-Watt stand. It can be attached to your bicycle and you just have to keep pedaling. It will generate the electricity on its own by using your pedaling power. This electricity then powers several small household devices, such as a laptop, television, radio, projector, small heater, water pump, etc.

Pedal-Powered Generator: This idea is similar to the above idea and involves pedaling to generate electricity. This pedal generator can also charge batteries of inverters, LED lights, computer monitors, and many more electrical products. You can get an effective workout through this generator too.

Empower – The Energy-Generating Rocking Chair: Empower is another interesting device that is based on the utilization of human power. It is also a good concept to fix it at cafes and airports where several guests arrive. This chair gains energy when it is set into motion through swinging. This gained kinetic energy is let out via USBs and other standards outlets so you may even charge your phone by plugging it in this chair. Empower is made of materials that can be recycled and easily shipped too. It is a design by Ryan Klinger that is among the finalists for the greener Gadgets Design Competition.


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