How to use solar power to heat your home


Using solar energy can lower down your home energy bills to a great extent. In addition, your house will remain free of harmful gases and pollutants that various equipment running on fuels produce. Solar energy can easily be converted to electricity and heat, and can replace your regular gas and electricity sources. There are several ways you may utilize solar power to heat up your home.


Solar water heating systems

This is one way to home heating. Made of metallic panels, these systems are filled with water. You should build and place these panels in an external area of your house where there is ample sunlight available. You can think of basing them on the roof or in the garden. The sunlight heats up the panel and thus the water inside. This warm water then runs through pipes to reach your plumbing system so you get some hot water as you turn a faucet. You may then use this water for various purposes like bathing, dishwashing or laundry. If the water filtration system is built into it, you would get healthier and cleaner water.


Solar panels

Installing solar panels can cut down on your electricity bills as they utilize the sunlight to produce electricity for your power needs. You would not have to remain dependent on the regular electricity supply. To make the view of your house less obtrusive, you should go for uni-solar roofing shingles that are also easy to install. The sunlight absorbed by these PV shingles is converted to electricity that can be used for heating and lighting purposes in your home. The battery attached to the panels keeps getting recharged everyday when sunlight is available, and you may use it over and over again.


Passive solar energy

There is no energy conversion involved while you make use of passive solar energy options. This utilizes some inbuilt features and systems of your house to meet your energy needs in a better manner. For example, using passive building materials for your house can help absorb more sunlight and heat that is otherwise radiated. There are wooden flooring products and sheet-rocks now getting available for similar purposes. Additionally, large-sized windows support the entry of more heat and light into the house, thus keeping it warmer.

Thus, you may try using these methods for warming your house in a better manner. There may be some initial investment in panels or water heating system installation, but it pays back much more than your input.

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